What is my IP number?

Your current IP address number is:

Introduction to IPv4

IPv4 stands for Internet Protocol version 4. It is the fourth version of the Internet Protocol (IP) and it was the first version to be widely deployed. Whenever a device accesses the internet, it is assigned an IPv4 number that uniquely identifies it in the network.  Every time you visit a website, send an email, or stream a video, IPv4 is working behind the scenes to ensure that the data you request goes to your device and not to someone else’s.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an IP address?
An IP address, or Internet Protocol address, is a unique identifier assigned to every device connected to a network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. This address is what allows devices to send and receive data over the internet, ensuring that the data reaches the correct destination. Much like how a home address allows the post office to deliver mail to your house, an IP address is used to identify your computer and route internet traffic to it.

Who assigns me my IP address number?
Your IP number is assigned to your device by your ISP (internet service provider).

Is my IP address permanent?
It can be static (permanent) or dynamic (changing), depending on how your ISP assigns it.

What can my IP number reveal about me?
An IP address number can provide various pieces of information, primarily related to networking and geography. Here’s what an IP address can reveal:

  • Network Location: It identifies the network and its location in the broader internet.
  • Device Identity: While it doesn’t give a personal name, it can distinguish between different devices on the same network.
  • Service Provider: The IP can often indicate the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that the device is connected through.
  • Approximate Geolocation: An IP can often be traced to a geographical location, though this is typically an approximation to a city or region level, not an exact address.

Does my IP address show my exact location?
Not exactly. It can give a rough idea of your city or region but not your precise physical location.

Can I hide my IP address?
Yes, using VPNs or proxies can mask your actual IP address.

Can two devices have the same IP address?
Generally, no. Each device should have a unique IP address on the internet, but devices on a local network may share a public IP address through a router using NAT (Network Address Translation).

Is an IP address personal data?
It can be considered personal data as it could be used in combination with other information to identify an individual.